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Zolar Technology & Mfg Co. Inc

Zolar Technology is a Canada based dental equipment manufacturer, specializing in Soft Tissue Diode Lasers. Our head office is based in Ontario but we have network of Dealers Worldwide. Our team consists of professionals with varied experience from all over the world, promising International Standards of Production.

Dental Diode Laser Manufacturer

Zolar Technology has made its dental laser technology affordable, portable and user-friendly, with multiple pre-set programs and in-built tutorials. All this and more with an unmatched 3 Year Warranty! The impeccable Dental Diode Lasers created at Zolar Technology, with the profound research and development spread over 20 long years, is popularly known as The Photon Series (PHOTON 3 Watt and PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt) . Our vision is to build a global family of satisfied Zolar product consumers who would remember andrecommend us.


Our dental training programs are in compliance with the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) which is equivalent to the best global practices within the field of dentistry.

The faculty that trains your professional hands to perfection is lead by three renowned names in the dental industry; Dr. Gerry Ross, Dr. Robert Convissar and Ms. Janet Press (R.D.H)

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PHOTON Dental Laser Testimonials By Famous Dentists
  • DR. Gerry Ross (Renowned authority in laser dentistry)

    The photon series is the best among the dental diode lasers and the only one I know about, that comes with a 3 year warranty. The cordless foot pedal and body of the laser make it completely portable and highly convenient to use. The choice of pre-sets is unlimited which makes it user friendly. The hands-on training courses offered to get the maximum benefit from the laser are so good, that you shall soon be able to master the use of these products. You will achieve the ideal results and feel it was effortless getting there. These courses and the dental laser would soon become a key part of your armamentarium.

  • Dr. Murugavel (M.D.S, India)

    In my years of BOI implants I have never had such amazing comfort using a dental laser. My team and I are overjoyed at our year long experience with Zolar's Photon series. The service backup provided by the AMT team, especially Mr. Balamurugan, has been simply outstanding!

  • Dr. Roland (DDS)

    In my years of experience of dentistry lasers, the Zolar laser is the best I have come across. I'm really happy with the efficient cutting and hemostasis it provides. Also, I find the unit more easy to use because of its small size. The Photon Plus model is certainly value for money with 3 years warranty on the product.

  • Dr. S. Mathew (Mississauga, Canada)

    Lasers have brought a revolution in the dentistry profession. And the Zolar products have developed incredible product line of laser diode series that every dentist should have in their kits.

  • Dr Chadi Khanji (Lebanon)

    After trying so many Laser diode devices, I chose the Canadian Zolar Diode Laser machine for my dental clinic. The touch screen menu with the customizable and preset settings insure a fast leaning curve. An esthetic design of the machine, the wireless foot pedal, time saving single use tips and its affordable price are some reasons which makes a Zolar laser machine, a best investment by a dentist for surgical and non surgical dental treatments. A Zolar diode laser machine helps us to gain the trust of our patients and to move our practice to a more professional level.

  • Francoise T. Akoury (DDS, DUB Periodology)

    Photon plus is amazingly easy to use with its touch interface and wireless foot pedal. Photon plus is also a great way to please and impress your patients when it comes to treatment plan acceptance.I recommend it to any dentist who is interested in diode laser and I am sure they will be glad to have it.

  • Dr. Fabio bryant (Geneva, Switzerland)

    I have both the products manufactured by Zolar. They are so cost effective and useful that I just could not resist myself from having both of them. The accuracy of my dentistry has improved immensely and my patients suffer lesser pain and healing is faster.

  • Arthur vaughan (United Kingdom)

    Product made from experience is what I would like to say about Zolar's Photon. They have kept the convenience and requirements of a dentist in mind while designing and manufacturing the products. And my patients go out happy too... just mind blowing.

  • Janet Press (Janet Press)

    Laser is changing the way clinical Dental Hygiene is viewed and practiced. The Zolar Tec Photon Lasers are designed for optimum ease of use and efficiency that give both the Dr and the Hygienist a laser device that meets the demands in the modern dental practice for treating our patient's to the highest levels for health and wellness through laser surgical and periodontal therapeutic models of care

  • Peter Auster (D.M.D)

    As a long-term laser user, I have been won over by Zolar's Photon Plus laser. It has a sturdy portablity that feels great in your hand. Whoever designed this laser thought of everything: over 20 presets and programs which are a joy to work with as is or easily programmed to match any user. The 3 year warranty is unbeatable in the industry and the disposable tips make cleaning and using it again a breeze!